Adult Improvisation Classes

Throughout the year, we run short courses in improvisation. Each short course consists of an Open Class followed by a 4-week block and focuses on different areas of improvisation, such as character, physicality, dialogue, emotion, group-mind, and much more.

The short-courses are designed to progressively build your skills as an improviser. Later courses will be limited to those who have already been attending workshops or can demonstrate suitable skills (previous acting experience, or other improv training).

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Open Classes

In 2018 we are taking a fresh approach to training our newer improvisers. We now offer Adult Improvisation Classes that are taught in 4-week blocks. The week before each block is an Open Class that anyone can attend.

The Open Classes allow an opportunity to try out improvisation before signing up for a course or to simply have some fun for those who cannot commit to regular classes.

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Main Cast Workshop

Our main cast work together every Monday (with rare exceptions).  While these workshops are primarily for the main cast of Impulse Theatre, we are willing to make exceptions!  If you are an experienced improviser, new to Christchurch, or perhaps just passing through and want to jam with some friendly locals and maybe even do a show - get in touch.

The workshops focus on a particular skill / idea (adapted as needed to suit the group on the night), followed by some general jamming.  Workshops are generally taught by Jonathan Briden, but throughout the year we will also have a number of guest teachers from within Christchurch as well as national and international teachers.

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