Open Classes

In 2018 we are taking a fresh approach to training our newer improvisers. We now offer Adult Improvisation Classes that are taught in 4-week blocks. The week before each block is an Open Class that anyone can attend.

The Open Classes allow an opportunity to try out improvisation before signing up for a course or to simply have some fun for those who cannot commit to regular classes.

The 4-week classes are structured to allow participants to work together regularly, and grow together as improvisers, building the trust that is required to share the stage.

If you are attending the main class, then the open class is free. Otherwise, the cost is $5.


Dates A list of dates of Open Classes is included on the Adult Improvisation Classes page.
Time 7 pm - 9:30 pm
Location Room 4, Phillipstown Community Hub*
39 Nursery Rd, Phillipstown
Register To sign up for an Open Class please register via Meetup...
Participants max 12
Cost $5 (or free if you have signed up for the following 4 week course)

* The Phillipstown Community Hub is at 39 Nursery Rd, Phillipstown. It is the old Phillipstown primary school. You can park your vehicle in the car-park, the entrance is directly opposite Cross St.



If you have any questions about this workshop, please send us a message using the Contact Form.